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Do you want to make your puppy dog have healthy body, amazing agility and real emotional communication with you? Look at our newly designed Dog Jump Hurdle Poles. This is a great pet supplies for training dog's agility. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and set up quickly and definitely allows your dog to work the weaves. Lightweight, easy to carry and use outdoor.
It is a pole set which can use various ways. It consists of 12 poles. You can freely use it in two rows or one row. You can fold down and carry it in the included bag. It is perfect for dog jumping hoop and great for agility practice.

Make your dogs smarter, more healthy and more flexible by training them.
Easy to assemble, travel & use - works well for teaching a dog to jump.
Perfect for training Dog Activity Agility.
Perfect for outdoor activity sports parent-child interaction with your dog.
Easy to change height with snap out buttons that slide easily up and down the uprights.
Put straight into the grass or soil to use.
Great for beginners & even advanced training on the go.
With convenient carrying bag for easily storage

Color: Blue + Orange
Material: PP + Aluminum Alloy
Diameter of Jump Hoop: 58cm / 22.83in
Diameter of Jump Hoop Tube: 3.6cm / 1.42in
Diameter of Pole: 3cm / 1.18in
Length of Metal Ground Insertion: 12cm / 4.72in
Length of Cross Bar: 60.5cm / 23.82in
Length of Vertical Pole: 100.5cm / 39.57in
Item Weight: 1.2kg / 1.96lb
Package Size: Approx. 66 * 18 * 11cm / 25.98 * 7.09 * 4.33in
Package Weight: Approx. 1.366kg / 3.01lb

Package List:
2 * Plastic Tube for A Jump Hoop
6 * Long Agility Poles
4 * Fixed Clip
4 * Magic Tape Strap
1 * Carrying Bag