GPS Pet Tracker

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  • Real time location: Via SMS, mobile app, wechat, computer web to achieve a variety of functions.
  • Geo Fence: Can set a safety range based on the GPS location, when out of the range, the mobile, app and web will receive the alarm.
  • Accurate positioning:position error≤5 meter.
  • Smart Led shining: Smart led shining in the night, can set by APP.
  • HD street view: Can see the street view around the position via app and platform.



  • work voltage:3.7V-4.2V
  • GSM chip: MTK6261
  • GPS chip: Ublox7020
  • work current:5VDCtandard mode 50mAh 5VDC
  • power saving mode:15mAh 5VDC
  • Dimension:95*63*23mm
  • Net weight:200g
  • frequency Quad-band:850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPS Performance Index:Receive Channels: 12 parallel channel,Position Accuracy : ≤5m m(95%)
  • GSM Performance Index Position Accuracy: 50m(60%)
  • 150m (95%)It will depend on the local base station number and density
  • Output Interface:Charge/Digital Port
  • Antennas:GPS Antenna: built-in GSM Antenna: built-in
  • Work temperature:-30℃~+85℃
  • Work Humidity:5%~95%
  • Storage Temperature:-40℃~+85℃

Operating Instructions:

  • Pls check whether the device model is correct, accessories are complete before using
  • Pls check the SIM CARD is correct or not before inserted, the device only supports the GSM CHIP (compatible with 2g network SIM card) and the card should have flow data credits and can make call)
  • Power on: Insert the SIM card into the device, the green LED quickly flashes 3times, then device on. The red led keeps on for 5s and then off means the device read the GSM card and then work normally.
  • Power off: Take out the SIM card of the device, then device off.
  • Charge: connect USB charging line to charge power, green led keeps on when fully charged.