Pet Wash Cup

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Material: PP+ silica gel.


S: the upper mouth diameter is 9CM, the lower mouth is 7.5cm and the height is 11.3cm.

L: the upper mouth is 9.8CM in diameter, and the lower mouth is 8.5CM in diameter and the height is 15CM.


1. Convenient to use: directly squeeze hand sanitizer, convenient and quick, easy to rinse.

Soft and gentle: there are many soft silicone brushes in the foot cup, soft and clean.

3. Silica gel material: non-toxic and environmental protection, good elasticity, good cleaning.


Easy four step oh, clean immediately. The first step is to add water; Step 

2 put the dog's dirty PAWS in a cup and turn it around. Step 

3 remove the silica gel brush from the cup; Step 

4 pour the dirty water out and OK.